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How to Docs and Why

tl;dr: Nothing is worse than having to write docs - except not having them when you need them. You want not too little, but not too much.

Soft Skills You Need

tl;dr: There are great resources out there to help you learn to manage yourself and others, negotiate, network, and more. Use them.

Anatomy of a Good Ticket

tl;dr: A good ticket is clear, correct, complete, and concise. It uses straightforward grammar, includes background information to aid good decision-making, and sets clear expectations. A good ticket is neither...

A Personal Thought Experiment

When I was an undergraduate, a history major, I read a substantial amount. That’s what a history major at Loyola Univerity Maryland amounted to in the late 1990s: a reading,... - documentation made easy

tl;dr: ( is a new product that makes it easy to create documentation in minutes. It’s clean, has core features, and is headed in the right direction.

Making Things Clear

I came across this list in Forbes and really like it a lot. It matches my experience very well and has got me thinking.